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Permanent Jobs, Disability

Each year, INRA recruits tenured researchers and engineers and welcomes several hundred foreign researchers and students.

Permanent researchers of all nationalities are recruited through a competitive process to select highly-qualified candidates. They are tenured from the start, and they can express their creativity and reach a level of excellence for the pleasure of discovering and developing effective applications useful to society today. Permanent engineers of all nationalities are selected using the same competitive procedure. They have major technical and managerial responsibilities.

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INRA is organising a campaign to recruit research directors (DR2) - applications closed

Experienced Research Scientist open competitions are aimed at scientists who are able to design, present and lead a research project.

Research Director open competitions are open to candidates belonging to the French tenured civil service category of 'Chargé de recherche' (Research Scientist) and who have been an Experienced Research Scientist for a minimum of three years at the time of application. However, an exception to these conditions may be made, on the authorisation of INRA's Scientific Advisory Board, for a research scientist who has made an outstanding contribution to research.

Candidates who do not belong to the research scientist category of the French civil service must have a PhD (or equivalent) and have 8 years' experience in research, or can justify scientific work judged to be equivalent to these conditions.

Calendar for the 2017 recruitment campaign

- Opening date for applications: 3 July 2017

The deadline for submitting applications (administrative file and scientific file) is 1st September 2017 for paper applications.
For online applications, the deadline is 30 August 2017

- Shortlisting: October 2017
- Final selection: November 2017
- Starting date for appointments: from January 2018

Our assets to drive your talents

- Brochure: "Become an INRA Scientist"

How to apply

You can no longer download the application file, the deadline for downloading applications was 1st September 2017, 17h (French time).
For information purposes, you can still consult the Guide for Candidates.

How to contact us

> For further details: concours_dr@inra.fr

By Human Resources Directorate
Updated on 01 December 2015
Published on 29 April 2013