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Permanent Jobs, Disability

Each year, INRA recruits tenured researchers and engineers and welcomes several hundred foreign researchers and students.

Permanent researchers of all nationalities are recruited through a competitive process to select highly-qualified candidates. They are tenured from the start, and they can express their creativity and reach a level of excellence for the pleasure of discovering and developing effective applications useful to society today. Permanent engineers of all nationalities are selected using the same competitive procedure. They have major technical and managerial responsibilities.

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INRA is recruiting engineers, managers, technicians and administrative staff in a wide variety of job profiles, at all levels of qualification, from vocational training certificate to PhD, until 15 March 2018 (prolonged to March 16)  - Applications closed

Candidates interested in professions which put research into practice may exercise their talents in the fields of biology, chemical analysis, chemical synthesis, electronics, electrical engineering, mechanics, geo-natural and anthropized environments, plant and animal experimentation and production, scientific instrumentation and experimentation, life and earth sciences, human and social sciences, informatics, statistics and scientific computing.

Candidates who wish to pursue a career in one of the many fields of research support proposed by INRA can develop their expertise in general administration, management, secretariat, partnership, research and innovation transfer, international cooperation, building and property management, logistics and general services, human resources, legal affairs, financial and accounting management.

Positions are available throughout France, including overseas France.

 Calendar for 2018

- Opening date for applications: 13 February 2018
- Submission deadline for application package: 15 March 2018 (prolonged to March 16)
- Dates of the examinations: May-June 2018
- Starting date for appointments: as from September 2018

Consult the offers and apply

Applications closed. You can lo longer apply.
You can still consult the Guide for Applicants and the details of the positions in French by clicking here.

Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact us at concours-ita@paris.inra.fr

By Human Resources Directorate
Updated on 16 February 2016
Published on 07 February 2013