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Permanent Jobs, Disability

Each year, INRA recruits tenured researchers and engineers and welcomes several hundred foreign researchers and students.

Permanent researchers of all nationalities are recruited through a competitive process to select highly-qualified candidates. They are tenured from the start, and they can express their creativity and reach a level of excellence for the pleasure of discovering and developing effective applications useful to society today. Permanent engineers of all nationalities are selected using the same competitive procedure. They have major technical and managerial responsibilities.

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Disability policy: INRA is recruiting research scientists - applications closed

Every year, positions are reserved at INRA for individuals with disabilities, who are recruited on a contractual basis rather than through the standard competitive process. Selected individuals receive a one-year fixed-term contract and may be considered for tenure depending on their professional skills.

The current recruitment campaign for researchers and engineers with disabilities is open through 26 February 2018. Submitted applications will be examined to identify individuals whose research focuses align with INRA’s scientific prioritiesd


Main responsilbilities and required degrees

Research engineers (IR) take part in setting up research activities and promoting and disseminating scientific and technical information. They guide and coordinate the various technical and administrative activities that support research programmes.
They may also take on management responsibilities within their research unit or department.

> Required degree: Engineering degree from a Grande École, PhD or equivalent

Research scientists (CRCN) work to produce new knowledge in their speciality fields and share the results of their research with society: finding economic and social uses for results, disseminating scientific and technical information, training in and through research, and developing scientific exchanges abroad.

> Required degree: PhD or equivalent


Campaign calendar

- Applications accepted through 26 February 2018
- Examination of applications by central management and transfer of applications to the relevant division head(s): late March 2018
- Discussions between the division, unit and applicant to outline an “assignment plan” for research engineers and a “research project” for research scientists: April / May 2018
- Submission of finalised plans to the Human Resources Directorate: June 2018
- Final consideration by central management: late June 2018


How to apply

You can no longer download the application files, the deadline for downloading applications was 26 February 2018 at 5pm (Paris time).


For more information

L'Inra, accessible à toutes les ambitions. © INRA
> Explanatory brochure "INRA, accessible to all ambitions" (in French)
> Arrangements for the employment and support of staff with disabilities

> For all questions: handicap@paris.inra.fr  

By Human Resources Directorate
Updated on 19 January 2018
Published on 05 March 2013