Careers at INRA

  • Scott McCairns, researcher at the Ecology and Ecosystem Health Unit, INRA Bretagne-Normandie © Marc Collinet, Inra
    An environmental explorer

    When he discusses his career studying the ecological evolution of aquatic ecosystems, Scott McCairns, researcher at INRA Bretagne-Normandie, affirms that both luck, and timing, have been on his side. His recipe for success shines through his contagious enthusiasm: a curious scientific mind and a continual drive to expand his field of research.

  • Jean-François Cosson, Research Director of the Joint Research Unit for Parasite and Fungus Immunology and Molecular Biology, INRA Jouy-en-Josas
    Health ecologist

    From bats to rats, voles and ticks, Jean-François Cosson has spent his life researching little-loved creatures. “I’m a steadfast defender of biodiversity,” says the scientist with a smile.

  • Portrait of Jean-Michel Chardigny, November 2017. © INRA, Christophe Maitre
    Jean-Michel Chardigny: a precious link in the food chain

    After being a researcher for fifteen years and a Unit Director, Jean-Michel Chardigny is now a Partnership and Innovation manager (CPI) in the area of human and animal food proteins at INRA. Jovial and boundlessly curious, he is on a continual journey to self-improvement and to stay connected to the realities of the food chain. We caught up with this committed leader between two appointments.

  • Vincent Requillart, research director at the Toulouse School of Economics © DRCopyrith, Baptiste Hamousin
    An economist in movement

    Vincent Requillart is a reserved man. With his calm voice and honest look, silence often develops. He has a simple explanation for the twists and turns that have shaped his career as an economist at INRA: “because I have been lucky to be able to choose my subjects and those with whom I have worked.”  

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