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Dominique Blancard, laurier ingénieur 2013 © Inra, C. Slagmulder

Dominique Blancard, caring for plants

Dominique Blancard has been fascinated by plant health since he arrived at INRA in 1980. At the forefront of new technologies, this engineer is revolutionizing the dissemination of knowledge through web and smartphone apps diagnosing plant diseases.

Updated on 12/23/2013
Published on 12/02/2013

To the question “What does INRA mean to you?”, Dominique Blancard answers: “My career has been full of opportunities and wonderful people. The working conditions are really outstanding. I have been afforded both time and a degree of freedom. This makes research a pleasure. Good research must always be imbued with, or strive towards, the ambition of solving an agricultural problem.”

Engineer at the Joint Research Unit for Vine Health and Agroecology (INRA-Bordeaux Sciences Agro), he considers his job as being essential to research support through the complementary nature of knowledge dissemination and observation in the field.