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Abdelhafid Bendahmane, recipient of the 2018 Scientific Breakthrough Award, in one of the greenhouses of the Paris Saclay Institute of Plant Sciences on 27 September 2018s. © Bertrand NICOLAS - Inra, NICOLAS Bertrand

Abelhafid Bendahmane, audacity and leadership

Abdelhafid Bendahmane is a research director at the Paris Saclay Institute of Plant Sciences, which is part of INRA Île-de-France – Versailles-Grignon. He is also a renowned specialist in the field of plant genomics and breeding…and the recipient of INRA’s 2018 Scientific Breakthrough Award.

By Catherine Foucaud-Scheunemann, translated by Jessica Pearce
Updated on 12/12/2018
Published on 12/05/2018

“To create a little flower is the labour of ages.” This quote from William Blake pretty much fits Abdelhafid Bendahmane to a T. Daring, innovative, and persevering, Bendahmane has spent years exploring the plant sciences. He is dedicating the award to his research team, those who have embarked on this adventure with him.

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Plant Biology and Breeding
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