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Impact of milk proteins structure on facilities fouling during thermal treatment
Deadline for applications
Date of publication


Details on the type of contract
Postdoctoral contract
Duration of contract
12 months – Start in November 2019. According to available funding, the contract duration may be doubled


Name of unit of assignment
UMR0638 UMET Unité Matériaux Et Transformations
Address of unit of assignment
INRA Villeneuve 369 rue Jules Guesde BP 20039 59651 VILLENEUVE D'ASCQ CEDEX
Region of assignment


Working environment

Laboratory :

Ingredia is the global market leader for milk casein production (www.ingredia.com). The team Inra PIHM is member of UMET (University Lille 1, http://umet.univ-lille1.fr/) and specialized in microbial, physical and chemical processes dynamics, at solid interfaces in the food industry. In 2018, Ingredia and PIHM have created a common laboratory, Proteinolab, in order to develop new milk proteins for high-protein content nutritional applications.

In the framework of Proteinolab, PIHM is seeking for a one-year postdoctoral position.


Job description :

This project focuses on the impact of milk proteins structure – especially caseins – on facilities fouling during thermal treatment. For this purpose, experiments will be performed on pilot systems. After finalizing the experimental system and procedure, the applicant will perform experimentations at pilot scale to compare different types of milk powders thermal behavior and investigate the relationships between their technological itinerary, structure, fouling properties and the treatment settings. The characterization of powders and fouling structures will lean on a PhD student’s works: Methods as NMR, electrophoresis, X ray, microscopy or other optic tools will be used.

Training and skills required

Skills in process engineering, biochemistry/food science and physico-chemical measurements are expected.

The applicant will have strong taste for process approach and knowledge on proteins, ideally milk proteins. Ability to perform laboratory analysis would be appreciated. Oral and written communication skills are needed.


Dr Paulo Peixoto / Dr Emilie Dieudé-Fauvel
+33 3 20 43 54 01 / +33 3 20 43 54 18
paulo.peres-de-sa-peixoto-junior@inra.fr ; emilie.dieude-fauvel@inra.fr