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Scientific project manager
Deadline for applications
Date of publication


Details on the type of contract
Temporary assignment
Duration of contract
20-26 months

according to INRA rules and candidate’s experience in a similar position


Name of unit of assignment
UMR1319 MICALIS MICrobiologie de l'ALImentation au service de la Santé
Address of unit of assignment
INRA Domaine de Vilvert 78352 JOUY-EN-JOSAS CEDEX
Region of assignment
Paris Region


Working environment

The French National Institute for Agricultural Research, INRA is a public institution with more than 10,000 agents across the French territory. INRA focuses on economic and social innovation in the areas of food, agriculture and the environment, and is the number 1 agricultural research institute in Europe.
INRA, together with the Austrian Institute of Technology, coordinates the European project “MicrobiomeSupport” running from 2018 until 2022. Its main aim is to boost the bioeconomy and the FOOD 2030 strategy by focusing on the new avenues generated by microbiome R&I efforts.
MicrobiomeSupport brings together 29 partners from European and non-European countries like Brazil, Canada, South Africa, China, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, India and USA in order to improve the international cooperation and coordination of research programmes in the context of the International Bioeconomy Forum. The overall objective is to establish a collaborative international network of experts and stakeholders in the field of microbiome research, including microbiomes from various environments such as soils, plants, aquatic, food, animal and human, and assess their applicability and impact on the food system.

In this project, INRA is in charge of facilitating the alignment of international research and innovation agendas in the field of microbiomes applied to food systems and the bioeconomy and defining the basis for the development of joint international research programmes. INRA is also implied in the management of the project and the dissemination of recommendations on how to improve the international cooperation framework of microbiome research programmes to the European Commission and the International Bioeconomy Forum.


In this context, INRA is recruiting a scientific project manager who will give support to the following activities:
• Alignment of research priorities and definition of recommendations for coordinated strategic R&I agendas.
• Preparation and dissemination of results to MicrobiomeSupport partners and targeted stakeholders.
• Contribution to the MicrobiomeSupport joint actions, particularly those related to INRA’s participation in the project.

Training and skills required

Manage information

Organize and prepare the information collected by the MicrobiomeSupport partners on existing microbiome research and innovation programs for the alignment of research priorities at European and International level.
• Assessment and written production
Contribute to the assessment and final report on R&I Strategic Agendas for future microbiome activities in the food sector and beyond (food systems). This involves:
- Preliminary assessment of existing Microbiome Research and Innovation agendas for identifying knowledge gaps and potential innovative microbiome-based solutions
- draft a first proposal of future R&I topics and recommendations towards a coordinated alignment of research funding programmes.
• Events organization
Participate in the preparation of a trans-sectorial workshop with experts from the MicrobiomeSupport Advisory Groups (scientists, policy makers and industrials) in order to complete the identification of gaps and potential quick wins for making recommendations for long term R&I strategies.
This involves participating in all preparatory meetings and calls, helping to frame the session on priorities alignment in cooperation with partners, preparing presentation(s) and documents in advance of the workshop.

• Dissemination
Adapt information in order to disseminate project results appropriately, either in oral or written format.

Skills required
• Excellent analytical skills. Able to search for information, examine and synthesize a large amount of data and formulate practical conclusions and recommendations for research practitioners.
• Strong written and oral communication skills. Fluency in English required.
• Familiarity with international cooperation in science and innovation or the EU Horizon2020 Programme, as well as with microbiome research in the context of food, agriculture or environmental issues, would be a plus.
• Proactive and able to work autonomously.
• Strong interpersonal skills. Able to relate to people of different backgrounds and cultures


Candidate’s Perspectives
The person recruited will integrate the INRA’s team participating in the project and be associated to the Microbiology and Food Chain division. The expected activities will be developed under the responsibility of the project leader and in collaboration with the INRA staff and other partners of the project.
Thanks to the interactions with different research stakeholders (policy, industrial, scientific), she/he will gain a polyvalent experience in managing research projects and have access to networking opportunities at international level.
She/he will gain a better knowledge of the functioning of European research in the field and develop a global vision of the microbiome aspects in the context of food systems and the bioeconomy.