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Post-doc in Statistical modelling of ecosystem services
Deadline for applications
Date of publication


Details on the type of contract
Postdoctoral contract
Duration of contract
One year position (possibly once renewable)

An Annual Gross Salary of 42.6 k€ plus funding for scientific conferences


Name of unit of assignment
UMR0980 BAGAP - Biodiversité agroécologie et aménagement du paysage
Address of unit of assignment
INRA-Agrocampus Rennes - Rte St Brieuc - 65, rue de Saint-Brieuc - 35042 RENNES CEDEX
Region of assignment


Working environment

Established in the heart of Europe’s leading agricultural and agri-food area, AGROCAMPUS OUEST offers an impressive potential for research in areas ranging from food production to landscape architecture. As part of our new research program ‘QUANTICONTROL - Quantifying the ecosystem service of pest biological control’ we are seeking to fill a position as

Your tasks:

the project aims to test a new method for estimating natural pest regulation fromBayesian hierarchical modelling of field-collected pest-predators time series. This approach should allow testing how predator traits (e.g. dispersal capacity, diet specialization) relate to pest control and spatial scales in different agricultural contexts. You will perform the statistical modelling on available datasets and build an index measuring biological control intensity at field scale. You will collaborate with partners to develop field applications of the index for evaluating agro ecological systems.

We offer:

  • A dynamic working group gathering researchers from two research units (IGEPP and BAGAP, see websites) and professionals from agricultural cooperatives
  • A one year position (possibly once renewable) in Rennes, Brittany
  • An Annual Gross Salary of 42.6 k€ plus funding for scientific conferences
Training and skills required

Your profile:

  • Doctor (PhD) in Ecology or Agricultural Sciences or Applied Statistics
  • Proficient in statistical modelling, ideally within a Bayesian framework
  • Fluency in R
  • Team orientation
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Experience in crop protection or landscape ecology is welcome.


Please send a short Curriculum Vitae and a covering letter showing your interest and especially addressing your professional project, a list of your major works and letter(s) of recommendation to yann.tricault@agrocampus-ouest.fr, stephanie.aviron@inra.fr, sylvain.poggi@inra.fr, manuel.plantegenest@agrocampus-ouest.fr


Yann TRICAULT / Stéphanie AVIRON / Sylvain POGGI / Manuel Plante Genest