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Community Manager – CIRCASA Open Collaborative Platform (m/f)
Deadline for applications
Date of publication


Details on the type of contract
Temporary assignment
Duration of contract
2 years renewable position

Professional field
General administration: management, administrative, financial and accounting management


Name of unit of assignment
UAR0800 DARESE Direction de l'Action Régionale, de l'Enseignement Supérieur et de l'Europe
Address of unit of assignment
INRA Paris Siège 147 rue de l'Université 75338 PARIS CEDEX 07
Region of assignment
Paris Region


Working environment


The overarching goal of the CIRCASA Coordination and Support Action, which has 23 international partners, is to develop international synergies concerning research and knowledge transfer on agricultural soil C sequestration at European Union (EU) and global levels. CIRCASA has 4 main objectives:

  • Strengthen the international research community on soil carbon sequestration in relation to climate change and food security;
  • Improve our understanding of agricultural soil carbon sequestration and its potential for climate change mitigation and adaptation and for increasing food production;
  • Co-design a strategic research agenda with stakeholders on soil carbon sequestration in agriculture;
  • Create an International Research Consortium in this area.



An Open Collaborative Platform (OCP) is developed in the frame of CIRCASA including tools for dissemination and outreach, knowledge system and crowdsourcing, matchmaking across research initiatives, alignment across research programs. The OCP manager will be in charge of the contents and operation of the OCP with support of IT experts and of project partners. The OCP is being developed through a subcontract with an ICT startup and with support of computer engineers at CIRAD (a partner of CIRCASA) and at INRA (CIRCASA coordination). The OCP manager will supervise the development of the OCP, oversee the tests of the first versions, interact – in relation with the CIRCASA Scientific Officer - with CIRCASA partners to provide contents and data and manage the international online community of researchers and stakeholders on soil organic carbon sequestration in agriculture.

He will also write project monitoring reports and training materials. He will be invited to provide training (with the support of the IT engineer) to the stakeholders.

Training and skills required

We seek a strongly motivated candidate with initial training as an engineer or equivalent and some notions of information and communication technologies (ICT), strongly interested in digital platforms for communication and exchange. Excellent skills in communication in English and writing are required. A good level in French would be an advantage for working in Paris and at INRA.  A first experience in project management would be appreciated.

  • The position is based at INRA’s headquarters (downtown Paris) and involves traveling.
  • Remuneration: according to INRA grids for Engineers, according to degree and experience
  • Taking office: at the earliest
  • Contact on the post: Dr. Jean-Francois Soussana and Dr. Odile Vilotte.

Send CV and cover letter to both these emails addresses.


Dr. Jean-François Soussana / Dr. Odile Vilotte