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Post-doc : bioinformatician to study miRNA regulated by food bioactive
Deadline for applications
Date of publication


Details on the type of contract
Postdoctoral contract
Duration of contract

Gross salary: 28 -31 keur


Name of unit of assignment
UMR1019 UNH Unité de Nutrition Humaine
Address of unit of assignment
Region of assignment
Auvergne Rhône-Alpes


Working environment

A postdoctoral position is available in the French Institute of Agricultural Research (INRA) at the Auvergne - Rhone-Alpe Center for 20-23 months. INRA is Europe’s top agricultural research institute and the world’s number two centre for the agricultural sciences. Candidate will work in Human Nutrition Unit that aims to identify the role of nutrition in maintaining key physiological functions in humans throughout lifespan, especially during aging by developing an integrative approach taking into account the nutrient interactions within the food and diet, the regulation of tissue homeostasis, and various pathophysiological conditions leading to disability and morbidity. The candidate will have plenty of opportunities to develop their skills through interactions with researcher of the unit.  


We are seeking for a motivated bioinformaticien to study miRNA regulated by food bioactives. The focus will be on applying systems-omics methods to biological research questions and to analyze the acquired data. This includes both the use of established methods of data analysis and identification and testing of new strategies and solutions for the analysis of multiple level omics biological data. The work includes: identification of differentially expressed miRNAs, identify their roles and functions, create gene networks, integrate data from multiple omic analyses. The position is a part of a project funded by the region and the candidate will work in close collaboration with 2 other post-docs in the same field.

Training and skills required

A successful candidate will

-          Work with different inter-disciplinary teams of the research unit

-          Analyze data from microarrays and RNA-Seq experiments

-          Integrate miRNA data with gene expression, protein expression and epigenetics data



-          A Ph.D. in bioinformatics or computational biology or similar field

-          Knowledge in biology and cell function

-          Experience in analyses of microarray experiments and/or RNA-Seq data analyses

-          Knowledge in biological interpretation of omic data using different databases

-          Practice in Galaxy

-          Experience in systems biology and multiple levels omics data analyzes would be an advantage

-          Ability to work collaboratively with members from different teams

-          Be ready for eventual international collaborations that would require taking into account different time zones and potentially several month mission to another lab

Please send CV and motivation letter to Frederic Capel and Dragan Milenkovic


Frederic Capel and Dragan Milenkovic