Thèse : Modeling fruit quality build-up and technical ability to drying of mangoes according to fruit gowth and storage conditions.
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Details on the type of contract
PhD contract
Duration of contract
3 years


Name of unit of assignment
UR1115 PSH Unité de recherche Plantes et Systèmes de Culture Horticoles
Address of unit of assignment
INRA Domaine Saint-Paul - Site Agroparc 228 route de l'Aérodrome CS40509 - 84914 AVIGNON CEDEX 9
Region of assignment
Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur


Working environment

The PhD proposal is part of a research project (Interfaces) which deals with the interface between raw material production and processing. With mango fruit as a study case, the PhD proposal aims to improve the understanding of fruit quality build-up from the raw material to the processed product (i.e., from the pre-harvest stage in the field to fruit storage and drying post-harvest stages). Main processes and factors involved in mango fruit quality build-up throughout the pre-/post-harvest continuum will be integrated within a unique modeling framework. The modeling framework will connect together i) agro-ecophysiological models of fruit growth, fruit ripening and changes in fruit biochemicals (sugars and acids) gathered into a virtual fruit model, and ii) an empirical product processing model relying the caracteristics of dried mangoes to those of fresh mangoes measured just before the drying process. Finaly, the modeling framework will be used to find management practices or growth and storage - ripening conditions that optimise quality criteria of interest for mango fruits, either for their consumption as a fresh product or for their drying.


Key words : plant physiology, Mangifera indica, modeling, optimisation, post-harvest, fruit quality, fruit processing

Training and skills required

Application file (CV and cover letter) must be sent before the 30th of July 2017.


Michel Génard / Isabelle Grechi / Mathieu Léchaudel / Jean-Michel Méot
04 32 72 24 58 / +262 (0)2 62 96 95 84