Postdoctoral position : Role of dietary omega-3 for the treatment of mood disorders: a novel and targetable mechanism
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Postdoctoral contract
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3 year

à partir de 1850€ net / mois selon expérience


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UMR1286 NutriNeuro Nutrition et Neurobiologie intégrée
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Université de Bordeaux 2 - Campus de Carrère 146 rue Léo Saignat - 33076 BORDEAUX CEDEX
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Aquitaine Limousin Poitou-Charentes


Working environment

Environnement de travail :

Project title: Role of dietary omega-3 for the treatment of mood disorders: a novel and targetable mechanism

Project: Our lab has been studying for several years the impact of nutritional omega-3 on brain function. We notably demonstrated that dietary omega-3 deficiency induces strong alterations in the brain endocannabinoid system (Lafourcade et al., 2011; Larrieu et al., 2014; Thomazeau et al., 2016; Bosch-Bouju et al., 2016). The project is in the continuity of this work.

The project is funded by the French Medical Research Foundation (Fondation pour la RechercheMédicale).

Training and skills required

Formations et compétences attendues :

We are seeking a talented and highly motivated postdoctoral candidate to investigate the role of omega-3 in neuronal networks in the context of mood disorders. The project will involve patch-clamp electrophysiology in brain slices, freely moving electrophysiology and optogenetics and behavioral tests in mice. Knowledge of electrophysiological recordings is needed.

The postdoctoral candidate will set-up the available equipment for freely-moving optogenetics and electrophysiological recordings. He/she will perform experiments. He/she will write publications and grants. This project is in collaboration with 2 other teams in France and Canada and the postdoctoral researcher will be the coordinator of the project.



APPLICATIONS including a CV, list of publications, motivation letter and 2 letters of reference should be sent to and


Sophie Layé / Clémentine Bosch-Bouju