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Welcome to INRA

Welcome to INRA

INRA committed to an ambitious HR strategy

As one of the leading agricultural research organisations in Europe, INRA counts the construction of the European Research Area and improving its attractiveness to young researchers among its top priorities. INRA was the first French research organisation to receive the “HR Excellence in Research” label awarded by the European Commission. The "HR Excellence in Research" initiative is the cornerstone of INRA's HR policy which undertakes to achieve all its actions as part of an ongoing improvement process.

By Human Resources Department
Updated on 07/25/2018
Published on 05/01/2012

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INRA is committed to the total transparency of its key HR actions, especially with regard to the openness of its recruitment and career development policy, social policy, and research environment.

A HR policy in line with European objectives

Enhanced international attractiveness

The European authorities ensure the continuation of the actions implemented by the Institute through regular reviews, and award renewal is dependent on this ongoing commitment to upholding this voluntary effort.

INRA’s commitment to the continuing improvement of its human resources policy is highlighted through its HR objectives and their achievement. INRA underlines the benefits of being an acknowledged institution: recognised labour rights, transparent recruitment process, frameworks facilitating training and mobility, actions in favour of a positive work-life balance, an open, innovative research environment

> Find out all about the HR Excellence in Research Award, the HR objectives and how they are put into practice at INRA

HR Excellence in Research
HR Excellence in Research