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Welcome to INRA

Welcome to INRA

Updated on 07/06/2018
Published on 05/01/2012

In this section, you will find useful information to better understand your professional status on your arrival at INRA as well as the arrangements set up to help you settle in.

For detailed information, click on the headings in Contents.

INRA new employee handbook

"Welcome to INRA!

Your participation in the adventure of agricultural research – a collective, exciting and demanding adventure – starts here. You will be helping to address major societal concerns in the fields of nutrition, agriculture and the environment. Given current tensions on natural and food resources, our contributions as the world’s second largest agricultural research organisation are crucial to shaping and safeguarding the future. Ensuring food security and transition, fighting climate change and making the shift to bioresources and agroecology are just a few of the challenges we must tackle.

Our actions are only meaningful if we join forces and cooperate for the benefit of research. From researchers to engineers, technicians and administrative staff, our diversity is an asset and requires a particular and adaptable organisational set-up. This handbook was designed to ensure you have all the essentials within reach.

The information you will find here is key to helping you ease into your new position: a broad outline of INRA and its missions, how local and national bodies operate, HR assistance, and social and union activities. Because our commitment takes shape through knowledge production as well as support for public policies, interaction with socioeconomic stakeholders and international cooperation, this handbook also provides details about promotional tools available to you: scientific and technical information, national and international partnerships, innovation, communication and evaluation.

I am very pleased to welcome you to our remarkable institute, where you will have an opportunity to unlock your full potential and flourish on a professional and personal level. The key to our success is a strong commitment from everyone to work together. The future of INRA depends on all of us!"

Philippe Mauguin
President-Director General

> Download the Handbook (PDF)