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Social policies

Social policies

Children and leisure activities

INRA offers its staff a variety of children's services designed to facilitate their personal and family life. In addition, staff can also apply for aid with the funding of leisure activities and holidays.

By the Human Resources Department
Updated on 02/20/2013
Published on 05/01/2012

Family Salary Supplement (SFT)

Full-tenure agents at INRA with one or more children can benefit from the Family Salary Supplement (SFT), in addition to the allowances paid (if relevant) by the State (CAF).  The value of this supplement varies as a function of the salary index level and the number of dependent children.

CESU vouchers for childcare services

Whatever their status (full-tenure or contracted), INRA agents with one or more children under age of 6 years can benefit from assistance with childcare expenses, paid in the form of Universal Service Employment Vouchers (CESU).   These vouchers that can be used to pay for childcare costs at home (babysitting, occasional care, etc.) or outside (crèche, stop-over centre, kindergarten, accredited child-minder, etc.).

Provisions for children's activity centres and holidays

INRA agents can benefit from the Institute's participation in the cost of activity centres for children up to the age of 18 years, including holiday camps, activity centres, open-air centres, winter sports centres, discovery centres, foreign language holidays, educational holidays, etc.  The value of this participation is salary-based and calculated using a family quotient system determined by INRA.  

The Institute can participate in the following costs:

Residential holiday centres

- Non-residential leisure centres
- Educational holidays
- Foreign language holidays

Holiday vouchers

INRA staff can receive holiday vouchers which can be used to pay for different expenses incurred with public sector organisations or accredited service providers (travel and accommodation costs, meals, leisure activities, etc.).  Within this framework, INRA pays a bonus that varies notably as a function of the reference tax income (RFR).  The bonus for disabled people may be fixed at a higher level.