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Social policies

Social policies


INRA can offer its staff a variety of accommodation grants.

By the Human Resources Department
Updated on 01/25/2016
Published on 05/01/2012

Rental risk insurance

INRA offers its newly recruited staff rental risk insurance (GRL) which is designed to facilitate their access to privately rented accommodation.  Rental risk insurance is a policy which covers unpaid rent, compensation for the costs of renovating the rented accommodation if it has been damaged by the tenant, and coverage of the legal costs of any dispute.  This insurance is available for the agent's principal dwelling, rented furnished or unfurnished.

Assistance with staff installation costs (AIP)

Assistance with staff installation costs (AIP - Aide à l'Installation de Personnel) is a non-reimbursable grant.  The AIP is designed to help with access to rented accommodation for INRA staff when they take up their jobs, covering some of the initial expenses incurred when signing a rental contract (first month of rent, agency fees and drafting of the contract).

Loans for installation in rented accommodation (PILL)

The PILL (Pret à l'Installation dans le Logement Locatif) is a loan for which the interest is paid by the Institute.  It is designed for newly recruited staff at INRA in order to assist them with their search for accommodation.  The PILL covers the deposit required when signing a rental contract for furnished or unfurnished accommodation, as well as different installation expenses such as moving costs or the purchase of basic furniture and household items.

The reservation of subsidised housing

As guarantor of the right to accommodation, the local Prefect has a right to reserve subsidised housing within his quota, free of charge.  Thus 5% of this quota is reserved for civil servants working for the State or public establishments.  Full-tenure agents, trainees or contracted staff at INRA can therefore apply to the Prefect in the Département where their family lives, or to local municipal offices if management of the Prefect's housing quota has been assigned to them.