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Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety

Interventions by external companies

During an intervention by an external company, protection in terms of health and safety at work for both INRA agents and those intervening must be ensured by the contracting party.  

By the Human Resources Department
Updated on 03/26/2015
Published on 05/01/2012

Indeed, our activities, and the works or services carried out, as well as joint activities, may generate specific risks that must be controlled in application of the general principles of prevention.

The provisions of the French Labour Code regarding interventions by external enterprises or the coordination of construction sites are applicable to all the Institute's units and installations.  Access to its premises and installations is not open.  All external organisations must comply with the conditions of access and intervention by reporting on arrival to the contracting party.

The contracting party (a Unit Director or Support Services Director) is responsible for choosing the companies,  carrying out joint inspections and determining the safety measures incumbent upon the external company in collaboration with works managers and occupational health and safety officers.

The head of the external company must inform his or her staff of the risks linked to the work being carried out and inform INRA of how this shall be done.  A prevention plan for external companies must be compiled under the conditions defined by the Decree dated 20/02/1992, amended.

Loading and unloading operations require the compilation of a safety protocol.

For more information, a guide on "Interventions by external companies and the organisation of safety for construction sites" is available to INRA staff from occupational health and safety departments, and on the national occupational health and prevention intranet site.