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Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety

Updated on 05/09/2017
Published on 05/01/2012

INRA's structure and operational mode have been designed to ensure the health and safety of all individuals, as well as the protection of goods and the environment.

Principle of hierarchical responsibility

This structure is based on the principle of hierarchical responsibility (central management, Division Heads, Centre Presidents and Unit Directors).  Its operation is ensured by specific resource staff (occupational health and safety delegates, occupational health physicians, occupational health and safety officers) and by committees covering health, safety and working conditions.

The actors

At a national level, the task of providing assistance and advice to central management on matters of occupational health and safety is ensured by the Central Office for Occupational Health and Safety, headed by the National Health and Safety Delegate.  
In each Centre, the President is assisted by the Centre Health and Safety Delegate and by one or more occupational health physicians.  In units, the Unit Director is assisted by occupational health and safety officers.

Regulatory texts

The general provisions relative to the health and safety of people at work, and the protection of goods and the environment, are governed by the French Decree of 28 May 1982, amended.

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