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Information for incoming foreign scientists. © INRA

Information for incoming foreign scientists

Upon your arrival in France

If you are a foreign researcher coming from abroad to work or study at INRA, this section will give you useful information for your arrival and during your stay at INRA.

Updated on 08/07/2017

Finding accommodation and opening a bank account

As soon as you know the exact date of your arrival, do contact the administrative team of your welcoming laboratory. They can provide you with information about accommodation:

  • INRA can offer accommodation (rooms or small apartments) in some of its research centers.
  • State agencies, real estate agencies, private individuals can also offer rooms, studios, apartments and houses.
  • Our Institute is a Euraxess member. Euraxess centres give access to accommodation facilities to all incoming scientists throughout our INRA Centres.

When you rent a place in France you must not only get home insurance (mainly for water and fire damage) but also civil liability insurance (against any harm you may cause to others). Several insurance companies can provide these policies.  For more information, you can search on internet for “assurance habitation, responsabilité civile”.

Also the Kastler Foundation has negociated a particularly attractive housing insurance (as well as health insurance) for foreign scientists.

Banks can also provide commercial offers regarding these insurances upon the opening of your bank account.

Once in France, it is recommended to open a French bank account especially for INRA employees (for salary transfer). It also enables you to transfer monthly rent payment which is often required by real estate agents.
For the bank account opening, the bank will ask you to provide: copy of your ID card or passport, a work certificate, proof of address (electricity bill, lease agreement, etc).

Social security and healthcare coverage

If you are an INRA employee, you will benefit from the French social security system (“Sécurité sociale” or “Caisse primaire d’Assurance Maladie for CPAM ” or “Assurance Maladie”).
The social security reimburses most of your medical expenses at about 70%.
Here is a specimen of the “carte vitale” which is sent to you after social security registration and opening of your social security rights.

Should you need any information about French health insurance rights, call the special advice line on:
36.46 from France
+ 33 811 36 36 46 from foreign countries.

If you are not an INRA employee, but you are coming from:

  • A European Economic Area (EEA) country:
    Before your arrival in France you must apply for the European health insurance card
    This card is valid for 1 year and allows you to be refunded for medical expenses incurred in France while remaining registered at the social security system of your home country.
  • A country which has signed Social Security bilateral agreements with France: you can be refunded for your medical expenses in France. Contact your social security centre before your departure. Check this link to get the list of bilateral social security agreements signed between France and other countries. You will also find the social security coordination agreements between mainland France, Polynesia and New Caledonia.
  • China, the United-States, India and Russia
    Check the useful guide edited by the European Commission

For non European citizens, non affiliated to the French social security, the Kastler Foundation can provide health insurance through negociated deals with “ABC insurance”.

Complementary insurance (health insurance, work accident insurance)

Complementary health insurance is recommended to cover the part that is not refunded by the social security. There are many insurance companies (or “mutuelles”) providing this service. We can help you to choose one of them.

Very important: if you are not an INRA employee, it is compulsory.

If you are detached, and not considered an INRA employee, it is compulsory to get an insurance for occupational injuries (work accident) either from your laboratory, your company, or your university, or to purchase a private insurance in your home country or upon your arrival in France (see hosting agreement).
Through the Kastler Foundation, you can find negociated offers related to complementary insurance for work or health issues.