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INRA is recruiting more than 125 engineers, managers, technicians and administrative staff until 21 March 2019

Joining INRA means working alongside 10,000 staff to contribute to research on food, agriculture and the environment. Applications are open for jobs in a wide range of professional fields, ranging from research to management and the functioning of the institute and its facilities. INRA recruits at all levels of qualification, from vocational training certificate to PhD. Positions are available throughout France. Applications were open from 19 February to 21 March 2019. You can no longer apply.

In 2019, INRA is recruiting more than 120 engineers, managers and technicians
Updated on 03/21/2019
Published on 01/28/2019

We are looking for skills in:
> professional fields related to research: biology, animal experimentation and production, plant experimentation and production, instrumentation and scientific experimentation, chemical sciences and material sciences, informatics, statistics and scientific computing, human and social sciences;
> professional fields related to research support: management, general administration, financial and accounting management, informatics, partnership, communication, building maintenance and construction and renovation work, occupational health and safety, human resources and legal affairs. INRA is recruiting:

A wide range of professions

Discover the professional fields in which INRA is recruiting through portraits of technicians, engineers and administrative staff.

  • Informatics: Infrastructure manager (assistant engineer), information systems officer (engineer), software engineering project manager or software engineer (research engineer)

Esther Dzalé Yeumo. © INRA
Esther Dzalé Yeumo © INRA


Esther Dzalé, She’s got (algo)rhythm
Esther Dzalé Yeumo is passionate about data. Working in INRA’s Delegation for Scientific and Technical Information (DIST), Esther sees the tremendous potential of this period of big data and open science to drive research opportunities.
> Read her portrait



  • Administration and management: Administrative management assistant (technician), Financial and accounting manager (technician)

Marie-Ange Mennella. © INRA, MAITRE Christophe
Marie-Ange Mennella © INRA, MAITRE Christophe
Marie-Ange Mennella, Administrator Extraordinaire!
At INRA’s Montpellier centre, research support is Mission Possible thanks to Marie-Ange Mennella’s superpowers: armed with razor-sharp technical skills, Marie-Ange manages budgets and logistics at the centre. Dedicated to serving, she comes to the rescue of teams in distress and trains new managers in her vast network. Marie-Ange is never far, and always has a solution.
> Read her portrait



  • Biology: Technician in biology (technician)

Charlotte Foret-Lucas
Charlotte Foret-Lucas
Charlotte Forêt-Lucas, Virology in the blood
Who could “adore” the flu virus? Charlotte Forêt-Lucas, contaminated by the fascination for a “mysterious, evolving virus, about which we’ll never know everything”. Since 2013, Charlotte Forêt-Lucas has been a research technician speicialised in virology at the Host-Pathogen Interaction Research Unit (IHAP) of INRA’s Animal Health Division. She is also assistant head of the level 3 laboratory of the Toulouse Veterinary School (ENVT).
> Read her portrait (French only)



  • Animal experimentation and production: Animal care technician (assistant technician)

Nicolas Cèbe. © INRA, MAITRE Christophe
Nicolas Cèbe © INRA, MAITRE Christophe
Nicolas Cèbe, a rare bird
Nicolas Cèbe of the INRA Center of Toulouse is not your ordinary animal caretaker. He is as singular as the colony of European roe deer for which he cares. He feels a deep attachment to the wild species that he encounters and studies daily. He developed his unique skill set on the job, where he dedicates himself to furthering research. His career choice was one of passion.
> Read his portrait


  • Human and social sciences: Data production, processing and analysis and survey engineer (engineer)

Anne Lacroix © MAITRE Christophe
Anne Lacroix © MAITRE Christophe
Anne Lacroix, Good things come to those who apply themselves
Anne Lacroix, a research engineer at the GAEL Joint Research Laboratory for Applied Economics  in Grenoble, wasted no time breaking out of the disciplinary mould to develop innovative methodologies for applied economics research. She works in agricultural economics, evaluates public policies and analyses consumer behaviours. She has drawn on her preferred method – experimental economics – to develop novel approaches to behavioural observation. She is the winner of this year’s Technological Innovation Award.
> Read her portrait


  • Maintenance: Maintenance operator (technical assistant)
HR Excellence in Research. © INRA

Adhesion to the European Charter for Researchers

INRA committed to an ambitious HR strategy

As one of the leading agricultural research organisations in Europe, INRA counts the construction of the European Research Area and improving its attractiveness to young researchers among its top priorities. INRA was the first French research organisation to receive the “HR Excellence in Research” label awarded by the European Commission.
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