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13th INRA Awards ceremony © Arnaud Veldemann

2018 INRA Awards

Lauriers Inra 2018, portrait de Christophe GOUEL, prix espoir scientifique. Chercheur au sein de l'unité d'économie publique, dans le département de recherche SAE2 (Sciences Sociales, Agriculture et Alimentation, Espace et Environnement).. © INRA, MAITRE Christophe

Christophe Gouel: Price Dynamics

The 2018 Promising Researcher Award goes to Christophe Gouel, a researcher specialised in international trade at the Joint Research Unit for Public Economics at INRA’s Île-de-France centre located in Versailles-Grignon.

By Catherine Foucaud-Scheunemann, translated by Emma Morton Saliou
Updated on 12/12/2018
Published on 12/10/2018

“This Award reflects the luck I had to meet the right people at the right time. It consolidates the trust placed in me, and the freedom I’ve been given to conduct my research.”

Such freedom is dear to Christophe, who recently decided to give his work an even more international scope by focusing on the impact of change – climate change, nutritional and demographic trends, for example – on world food security.