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2017 INRA Awards

2017 INRA Awards

Joël Doré, recipient of the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award, and his colleague Florence Levenez of the MetaGenoPolis Unit of the INRA Île-de-France – Jouy-en-Josas research centre. © INRA, NICOLAS Bertrand

Joël Doré, pairing research and innovation

A passionate scientist who is toppling preconceived ideas about the microorganisms inhabiting the human body. Spotlight on the recipient of the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award, Joël Doré, research director in the Joint Research Unit for Food and Gut Microbiology for Human Health and scientific director of MetaGenoPolis at INRA Île-de-France – Jouy-en-Josas research centre.

Updated on 12/15/2017
Published on 11/20/2017

“INRA has given me the resources to succeed.” Joël Doré has been working on intestinal microbiota since he first began working at INRA 33 years ago. What is Doré's one major wish? That we finally start thinking about symbioses (i.e., relationships between human cells and microbial cells) when treating diseases. This could take the form of dietary recommendations, preventive measures, or medical treatments.

Scientific contact(s):

  • Joël Doré Micalis and MétaGénoPolis Units
Associated Division(s):
Microbiology and the Food Chain
Associated Centre(s):