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Research scientists

Research scientists

Updated on 08/21/2017
Published on 05/01/2012

More than 1200 research scientists work in INRA's research teams.

At the start of their careers, research scientists focus on achieving progress in the research theme they have been entrusted, and the systematic publication of their results.  They benefit from the support and supervision of experienced research colleagues.

Thereafter, they themselves will manage the technical staff and trainees who contribute to development of their project.  Management and supervision activities gradually take on more importance, as does teaching, but the priority always remains scientific production.

Research scientists benefit from regular evaluations of their activities by their peers, and support at each stage of their career in terms of training actions, vocational guidance and the encouragement of mobility.  The progression of their career and remuneration is sustained and they may benefit from internal promotion arrangements.

Job opportunities

INRA seeks researchers from all disciplines to reinforce laboratory and fieldwork teams. Researchers will be heavily involved in scientific networks and tackle environmental, economic and social issues. They are expected to strive for excellence and come up with useful, concrete applications for the real world. Individual research projects will go hand in hand with group efforts in a bid to further knowledge and innovation, in order to produce sustainably, preserve the environment, and improve human nutrition.

> INRA is recruiting through open competitions and offering permanent positions