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Research directors. © INRA

Research directors

Scientific fields

INRA researchers work in more than 100 different scientific disciplines, 75% of which concern research in life sciences.

Updated on 08/21/2017
Published on 02/08/2013

Three-quarters of INRA researchers work in the field of life sciences, with a slightly higher proportion in fundamental biology (42%) than in applied biology (33%). The other researchers work in the field of materials sciences (15%) or in human and social sciences (10%).

List of principal scientific fields

Agronomy, forestry and animal production / Automatics and systems / Cell biology / Biology of reproduction and development / Biology of organisms / Molecular biology / Ecology / Economics / Genetics / Process engineering / Genomics and other omic approaches / Geography and geomatics / Geosciences / Management/ Research management / History, philosophy and law / Informatics and artificial intelligence / Biological and environmental engineering / Instrumentation, robotics and imaging / Mathematics / Mathematics and informatics for living organisms and the environment / Neurosciences and behaviour sciences / Nutrition / Physiology / Physics, chemistry, materials sciences / Operational research and decision support / Medical and veterinary sciences / Sociology