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Laurent Labbé, winner of the 2014 Engineer's Award. © INRA, C. Maître

Laurent Labbé, like a fish to water

Laurent Labbé, director of the Experimental Unit for Finfish Farming – Monts d'Arrée (PEIMA), has been awarded the 2014 Engineer Award. Charting new waters in aquaculture research is smooth sailing for this resourceful and dedicated director as he guides his team of 13 people and 45,000 trout.

Updated on 11/07/2014
Published on 11/05/2014

In Sizun, at the tip of Brittany where France ends and the sea begins, Laurent Labbé runs a tight ship.

To the question “What does INRA mean to you?”, he replies: "I love the diverse nature of my work: management, technical support, research. Running a research station is a bit like conducting an orchestra to play a piece of music. It is an ensemble, as much in contact with people in the field as with faraway researchers breaking new ground. I love it.”