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2015INRA Awards: Laurent Debrauwer, Technological Innovation for Research Award. © INRA, MAITRE  Christophe

Laurent Debrauwer, inventing tomorrow

Laurent Debrauwer, manager of the metabolomics and analytical chemistry platform (MetaToul-Axiom) in INRA Toulouse, is the recipient of the 2015 Technological Innovation Award. Action, rolling with a director at the cutting edge of toxicological analysis.

Updated on 12/09/2015
Published on 12/08/2015

A research engineer at the Food Toxicology Unit, for the last 25 years Laurent Debrauwer has been busy decking out the Axiom platform with techniques enabling the most precise vision of consumers' exposure to food and environmental contaminants. What motivates him at INRA is tackling diverse topics thanks to interactions with researchers from all horizons and introducing new methods to meet their requirements.