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Jean Fioramonti, laurier de la recherche agronomique 2013 © Inra, C. Slagmulder

Jean Fioramonti, going with your gut

Unveiling the secrets of the billions of intestinal cells has been the focus of Jean Fioramonti ‘s research for almost 40 years. His interest in the complexity of the digestive tract has led him to contribute considerably to progress in digestive science research, guiding INRA in ever more promising fields.

Updated on 05/19/2016
Published on 12/02/2013

To the question “What does INRA mean to you?”, Jean Fioramonti replied: “INRA gives its scientists extensive freedom as it guides them towards targeted research. It is a unique driving force to unite science and results!” Research Director at the Joint Research Unit for Food Toxicology (INRA – Toulouse Veterinary School – Purpan Engineering School - Université Toulouse 3 - Paul Sabatier) of the INRA Research Centre of Toulouse, he has throughout his career explored new avenues with applications for human health. Jean Fioramonti died on 20 November 2015, at the age of 67 years.