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Planting a revolution

François Tardieu, Research Director at the Joint Research Unit for Ecophysiology of Plants under Environmental Stress at INRA Montpellier, is the winner of the 2014 Agricultural Research Award for Scientific Excellence. As Director of LEPSE for eight years, he has led the laboratory in its development of high-throughput phenotyping, making it a world leader in the discipline.

Updated on 09/08/2016
Published on 11/05/2014

François Tardieu studies the connections between agronomy and “hard science”, analysing the behaviour of plants under environmental stress and creating models which have become references in the field. He has published 130 articles in peer-reviewed journals, with papers being cited over 300 times.

To the question “What does INRA mean to you?”, he replies “Today’s international scientific community is dominated by big mercenaries who change their teams’ research subjects to get on the cover of Nature. INRA, which takes ideas to the next level, is a good antidote. While I haven’t always initially been supported in my choices, I’ve been allowed to see them through, even when they’re not (yet) in style! I wish young researchers the same luck”.