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Portrait of Anna VILLARES-GARICOCHEA, recipient of the 2016 Promising Researcher Award. © Bertrand NICOLAS, INRA, NICOLAS Bertrand

Ana Villares, breaking new ground in research

The materials of the future are at the fingertips of a researcher whose talent knows no boundaries. Winner of INRA’s 2016 Promising Researcher Award, Ana Villares works in the Biopolymers, Interactions and Assemblies Unit in Angers-Nantes.

Updated on 02/06/2019
Published on 12/13/2016

Three short years ago, Ana Villares hung her hat at INRA. Since then, she has been putting her extraordinary talents to work to come up with new bio-sourced materials, derived from nano-cellulose, that are both reliable and sustainable. Results so far have been impressive: at 36 years old, she has some 65 publications in international journals under her belt. Ana draws on the experience and practices of her colleagues at INRA to further push the boundaries of science. She feels right at home in a work environment that is both competitive and in line with the vast field of research that will soon have no secrets for her.