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Anne-Célia Disdier - vignette magazine. © INRA, G. Paillard

Anne-Célia Disdier, from trading places to teamwork without borders

Anne-Célia Disdier's research assesses the effects of tariff and non-tariff measures on commercial trade and well-being. Dr Disdier has participated in numerous international symposiums on economics and is involved in two European research projects dealing with agricultural and agri-food trade, TradeAG and AgFoodTrade.

Updated on 09/17/2014
Published on 12/07/2011

Research scientist in Economics at the Paris-Jourdan Economic Sciences Joint Research Unit, Anne-Célia Disdier received the Young Researcher Award on 7 December 2011. This award recompenses the work of a young researcher recently recruited at INRA.

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Social Sciences, Agriculture and Food, Rural Development and Environment.
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