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Mohammed Bendahmane, the scientist and the rose

Mohammed Bendahmane, Research Director at INRA, has been working on the rose for 20 years. In 2018, he and his team deciphered the rose genome with considerable accuracy; indeed, this is one of the best three plant genome assemblies. On 26 November 2019 he will be receiving a Grand Prix from the French Academy of Sciences to reward the quality of his achievements throughout his career. He tells us about his research which has thrown new light on both the rose and on human genetics.


Laetitia Lançon: providing multi-resource support

Laetitia Lançon oversees a team of 20 people at the French Plant Genomic Resources Center (CNRGV), part of the INRA Occitanie-Toulouse centre. She has been the management assistant since the unit was created in 2004 and helped construct the lab’s entire administrative, financial and legal architecture. After 15 years of indefatigable commitment to her duties, Laetitia has been nominated this year’s well-deserving winner of the Research Support Award.


Claire Chenu, feet on the ground

In the heart of the Versailles plain between the Château of Versailles, former home of French kings, and the Château de Grignon, current home of AgroParisTech, Claire Chenu can be found working. Both in her role as INRA researcher or AgroParisTech professor, she has always been interested in soil organic matter, which is essential for food security, the fight against climate change and biodiversity. The 2019 INRA Lifetime Achievement Award recognises her exceptional career.