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Engineers and managers

Professional fields

INRA counts 210 different job descriptions grouped into 14 professional fields, with a contiguity of professional abilities based on the sharing of tools, techniques and knowledge and the need for skills at a variety of levels (from a CAP to a PhD).

Updated on 02/20/2013
Published on 02/08/2013
Keywords: engineer - manager

Half of all jobs concern the life sciences; for example, expertise as a laboratory biologist or in plant or animal experimentation.  Support skills then represent a quarter of all staff, covering a wide variety of fields such as finance, legal affairs, human resources, communication and administrative management.  Finally, experts in documentation, training, computer services and scientific calculation provide daily support to research activities, as much as those dedicated to operation of the Institute.


  • Biology
  • Plant production and experimentation
  • Animal production and experimentation
  • Natural and rural environments
  • Chemical analysis, materials sciences, chemical synthesis, biomolecules
  • Scientific instrumentation and experimentation, electronics
  • Human and social sciences

Research support

  • General administration: management, budget control, secretariat and organisation
  • Buildings, logistics and general services
  • Communication, scientific and technical information
  • International cooperation and valorisation of research
  • Computer services, statistics and scientific calculations
  • Prevention, health and safety
  • Human resources and legal affairs

The activities and skills of these generic posts are listed in the inventory of standard job descriptions for research and higher education (REFERENS).