Careers at INRA

  • Portrait of Jean-Michel Chardigny, November 2017. © INRA, Christophe Maitre
    Jean-Michel Chardigny: a precious link in the food chain

    After being a researcher for fifteen years and a Unit Director, Jean-Michel Chardigny is now a Partnership and Innovation manager (CPI) in the area of human and animal food proteins at INRA. Jovial and boundlessly curious, he is on a continual journey to self-improvement and to stay connected to the realities of the food chain. We caught up with this committed leader between two appointments.

  • Vincent Requillart, research director at the Toulouse School of Economics © DRCopyrith, Baptiste Hamousin
    An economist in movement

    Vincent Requillart is a reserved man. With his calm voice and honest look, silence often develops. He has a simple explanation for the twists and turns that have shaped his career as an economist at INRA: “because I have been lucky to be able to choose my subjects and those with whom I have worked.”  

  • Jean-François SOUSSANA, INRA Vice-President in charge of International Policy. © INRA, MAITRE Christophe
    Promoting INRA science at the international scale

    Jean-François Soussana is in charge of international research policy at INRA, a role where he makes full use of his broad expertise. As a renowned expert on the effects of climate change on grassland ecology and biogeochemical cycles, Soussana has the perfect background for this position.

  • Nicolas Cèbe. © INRA, MAITRE Christophe
    A rare bird

    Nicolas Cèbe of the INRA Center of Toulouse is not your ordinary animal caretaker. He is as singular as the colony of European roe deer for which he cares. He feels a deep attachment to the wild species that he encounters and studies daily. He developed his unique skill set on the job, where he dedicates himself to furthering research. His career choice was one of passion.

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