Careers at INRA

  • Lucile Capuron, Nutrineuro Unit, INRA Bordeaux-Aquitaine. © INRA, Nutrineuro
    Counting on Lucile Capuron!

    Promoting mental health through lifestyle changes is Lucile Capuron’s ambition. This psychologist-turned-clinical researcher has carved out an interesting path shaped by both modesty and lofty scientific goals.

  • Guy Richard © MAITRE Christophe
    Guy Richard: a forward-looking innovator

    Guy Richard, Head of INRA’s Environment and Agronomy Division for eight years, has been named Head of the Delegation for scientific expertise, foresight and studies (DEPE). This agronomist’s favourite subject? “Anticipating agriculture”. His method? Team leadership based on strategy and hands-on work.

  • Nadia Boukhelifa, research scientist at the Joint Research Unit for Food Process Engineering and Microbiology at INRA Versailles-Grignon. © Bertrand NICOLAS - Inra, NICOLAS Bertrand
    Nadia Boukhelifa, a data visionary

    Nadia Boukhelifa recently made the hop from England to Plaine de Versailles. This specialist in data visualisation and research scientist at the Joint Research Unit for Food Process Engineering and Microbiology enthusiastically shares the path that led her to where she is today, putting people at the centre of her work.

  • Jérôme Bugeon © Agnès Girard
    Jérôme Bugeon: fishing for innovative tools

    Biologist and IT engineer Jérôme Bugeon is a research engineer at the Joint Research Unit for Fish Physiology and Genomics, at INRA’s Brittany-Normandy centre in Rennes. He has developed several innovative systems to measure the quality of fish flesh and eggs.

  • Monique Axellos, INRA's Scientific Director for Food and Bioeconomy. © INRA, Christophe Maitre
    Monique Axelos, at the heart of the matter

    Monique Axelos is currently INRA’s Scientific Director for Food and Bioeconomy. Throughout her career, she has constantly broadened her scope, from the fine structure of foods to the concept of bioeconomy, which includes all the ways biomass is used, whether related to food or not.

  • Patrick Taillandier, Applied Mathematics and Informatics Research Unit, INRA Occitanie-Toulouse
    Patrick Taillandier, a model modeler

    From the moment he started studying informatics, Patrick Taillandier's interest in research has grown unceasingly. He has worked in such diverse places as Australia, Vietnam, Lyon, Rouen, and Toulouse, cultivating an expertise in modelling complex systems, which comes in handy for managing risks such as floods, fires, and epidemics.

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