• The future of research is bright!

    Meet the men and women of INRA at the 2015 International Agricultural Show from 21 February to 1 March. The Show is a privileged opportunity for the Institute to meet with the public, partners, professionals and the media, and present a portion of its research results and innovations related to climate change and agriculture.

  • Human Resources at the service of scientific strategy, managed at a local level

    INRA has adhered to the European Charter for Researchers since 2006, and is therefore committed to continual improvements in its Human Resources policy.  This approach underpinned the wide-ranging discussions on all HR processes that resulted in the Strategic Framework Document on Human Resources (2013-2017) that now provides the foundations for the policies implemented.

  • Jobs for researchers: receive our news

    INRA employs nearly 1800 researchers and welcomes a large number of doctoral candidates and post-doctoral fellows of different nationalites. You can receive our alerts for news of offers and opportunities for becoming a researcher at INRA, find out more about the different positions available in the world of research, get to know men and women who work at INRA and follow the highlights of our research.

  • International mobility

    Each year, INRA welcomes more than 1500 foreign researchers and students in its research units. Offers are put online regularly on the website jobs.inra.fr. Besides, the new website "PhD in France" gathers offers open to English-speaking foreign students.

Careers at INRA

  • Lydie Dufour in the field, assistant engineer at the UMR SYSTEM, INRA Montpellier. © INRA, C. Maître
    No garden variety engineer

    Lydie Dufour has always cultivated a taste for research. A horticultural engineer by training, she was drawn to agroforestry and joined the SYSTEM research unit at INRA Montpellier. She shares her experiences working to see the wood for the trees in this relatively underexplored field of study.

  • Sylvain Raffaele © Inra
    On the front line of plant defences

    A scientist in the Joint Research Unit for Plant-Microbe Interactions (LIPM) at INRA in Toulouse, Sylvain Raffaele obtained a Starting Grant from the European Research Council (ERC) in 2013. This grant will enable work to understand plant defence mechanisms more clearly, and also the abilities of some pathogens to circumvent them.

  • Séverine Siblot, winner of the 2014 Research Support Award. © INRA, C. Maître
    A high-energy position

    Séverine Siblot, Executive Coordinator, Office of the President, INRA Dijon, is the winner of the 2014 Research Support Award.

  • Jean-Marie Trommenschlager, winner of the 2014 INRA Research Support Award. © INRA, C. Maître
    ASTER-ix and the Golden Tool

    Jean-Marie Trommenschlager, assistant engineer at the Agrosystems, Territories, Resources Research Unit (ASTER-Mirecourt) of the INRA Centre in Nancy, is the winner of the 2014 Research Support Award

  • Laurent Labbé, winner of the 2014 Engineer's Award. © INRA, C. Maître
    The man at the helm

    Laurent Labbé, director of the Experimental Unit for Finfish Farming – Monts d'Arrée (PEIMA), INRA Centre of Rennes, is the winner of the 2014 Engineer Award.

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