Careers at INRA

  • Laurent Philippot. © INRA
    The key to fighting climate change is under our feet

    Laurent Philippot has been vice director of the Joint Research Unit for Agroecology, located in Dijon, since 2014. He is in charge of the EcolDur (1) group, which studies agricultural ecosystems with the aim of designing more sustainable production systems.

  • Céline Tallet. © INRA
    The science of listening to animals

    Céline Tallet is an ethologist with INRA’s Joint Research Unit for the Physiology, Environment, and Genetics of Animals and Livestock Systems (PEGASE), located in Rennes.

  • Lydie Dufour in the field, assistant engineer at the UMR SYSTEM, INRA Montpellier. © INRA, C. Maître
    No garden variety engineer

    Lydie Dufour has always cultivated a taste for research. A horticultural engineer by training, she was drawn to agroforestry and joined the SYSTEM research unit at INRA Montpellier. She shares her experiences working to see the wood for the trees in this relatively underexplored field of study.

  • Portrait of Guillaume Castel © Inra
    Phylogenetics, rodents and the virologist

    Guillaume Castel has been working as a research scientist at the Center for Biology and Population Management at INRA in Montpellier (France) since January 2013.  His field of predilection is the phylogeny of hantaviruses, which cause hemorrhagic fever in humans.  

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