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Résultats de recherche
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8th IECB Young Scientist Symposium

The IECB Young Scientist Symposium is an event organized by young researchers for young researchers. The IECB Young Scientist Symposium is an event organized by young researchers for young researchers

Advanced Neuroscience Training Programme : Nutrition and Brain functions

The purpose of this advanced course will bring both nutritional and neuroscience researchers together for a 3-week intensive course that will integrate both fields. The purpose of this advanced

Programme France-Stanford

Le Centre France-Stanford pour des Études Interdisciplinaires offre trois types de bourses : The FSCIS Undergraduate Fellowship : date limite 15 février 2014 The FSCIS Visiting Student Researcher Fellowship , date limite

Un chercheur du centre Inra BFC parmi les plus influents du monde !

Agroécologie (Inra – AgroSup Dijon – université de Bourgogne), figurent dans le classement 2018 des Highly Cited Researchers de Clarivate analytics. Très belle nouvelle pour l’Inra Bourgogne-Franche-Comté. Laurent

Plant Use of Nitrate (PLUSN)

compétences complémentaires : biologie et physiologie moléculaires, biochimie, électrophysiologie et physiologie de la plante entière. The aim, Research topics, Participants, Young Researchers, Training, Positions available, Meetings, Publications, Useful links, French summary.

The INRA Bordeaux center organizes the International Berry School (IBS) 2014

of berry crops and tools that can be used/developed for research on berries. Additionally, researchers from the different Working Groups of the EuBerry-Project will present results of their

Conférence internationale "New Horizons/New challenges"

public management, evaluators and society in general. This conference will bring together leading and upcoming researchers across a range of social science disciplines as well as STI policy-makers and

Agroecological Transitions and Resilience

special issue of Ecology and Society on "Adaptation, Transformation and Development"; initiate networking interrelationships between researchers working on transition and innovations in agricultural domains and the scientific community specialized in

Symposium international sur le travail en agriculture

of agricultural activity facing the injunction of agroecological transition : the farmer, advisor, facilitator, teacher and researcher works in question / Coquil Xavier  et al. Changes in work and its organization : the

Young scientist contract (PhD) offered by INRA within the doctoral school RP2E (Université de Lorraine)

for his/her future career, 3. A recommendation letter provided by a professor or a researcher who supervised the candidate during his/her training. 4. Whenever possible, a copy of